Our Commitments

Platine Hotel

Hotels for Trees

Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle joined this initiative in early 2022.

Each customer staying in one of the group's 4* hotels has the opportunity to plant a tree for free. How do they do this? By informing the staff of their wish not to benefit from the cleaning service thanks to the wooden door hanger present on their bed when they arrive in the room. This environmental initiative is part of a plan to reforest the planet.

Platine Hotel


We are also committed to Unisoap, which collects all our soaps, to transform them into resources for those in need and thus give access to hygiene to disadvantaged populations in France and abroad.

Platine Hotel

No Plastic

We now offer glass water bottles in every room, and have introduced a QR code system so that guests can access hotel information without using paper.

Finally, we are progressively moving towards an ecological approach aimed at replacing reception products in the bathrooms with large refillable containers. refillable containers.