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Summer relaxation in the Hanging Garden

Categories : Visit Paris, published on : 8/5/19

Paris knows how to relax during the summer season. If your dream summer involves greenery, a trendy yet welcoming atmosphere and a magnificent view of the rooftops of Paris, don’t miss the chance to visit the Jardin Suspendu (Hanging Garden). The Platine Hotel team tells you everything you need to know about this wonderful sunny place.


The Jardin Suspendu concept

The Jardin Suspendu is back for its second season after a particularly successful summer in 2018. This brilliant idea by ​​the Passage Enchanté agency has charmed and delighted Parisians and visitors to the city alike. Imagine 3,500 m² of roof space on the edge of Paris miraculously transformed into a verdant garden terrace. You’ll find a large food court where you can enjoy a snack at any time, three bars, magnificent views over Paris and a multitude of nooks and crannies in which to meet friends or lovers. A green haven in the heart of the city.


Your Jardin Suspendu

The Jardin Suspendu is open every evening from 18:00 each weekday and from 16:00 at weekends. You can find a quiet place to read a book while sipping a refreshing drink or settle at a bar where the atmosphere is much livelier as you wait for the start of a DJ set. Why confine yourself to the indoors when there’s the open-air sweetness of Parisian nights in which to dance, enjoy cocktails, chat with friends or get to know the locals? What’s more, the Jardin Suspendu is only about fifteen minutes by public transport from your Platine Hotel!

An oasis in the heart of the city, the Jardin Suspendu invites you to enjoy a relaxing and trendy break in the open air, with the added bonus of an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower. You’ll fall in love with this modern-day Hanging Garden!



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