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Philippe Cognée: the Painting After at the Musée Bourdelle

Categories : Exhibitions and Museums, published on : 4/1/23

Step out of the Platine Hotel and treat yourself to a beautiful walk through the lively streets of the 15th arrondissement to Montparnasse and the Musée Bourdelle. The former studio of the sculptor Antoine Bourdelle has been converted into a museum and, in addition to the permanent exhibition dedicated to the artist, it is currently hosting an astonishing temporary exhibition, entitled Philippe Cognée: The Painting After. You have until July 16th to discover it!


The Basel Catalogue

Philippe Cognée has been wondering for many years about the influence of masters and predecessors on the work of an artist and how much heritage contributes to shaping the form of expression of a creative person. That’s why he now speaks of “repainting”. This reflection finds its apogee in the Catalogue de Bâle (Basel Catalogue), a monumental work produced between 2013 and 2015. To form his fascinating frieze, Philippe Cognée took up pages from the Art Basel catalogue and painted over the paintings therein. The result is as much about disappearance as appearance.


A dialogue between Bourdelle and Philippe Cognée

In the rest of the exhibition, the artist returns to his ideas regarding heritage by illustrating the maxim according to which one paints after, and one paints according to. His inspiration was derived from Ingres, Velasquez and Picasso. Finally, the room of the Tragic Mask of Beethoven responds to several works by Philippe Cognée, including a Bull's Head and several paintings that invite you to discover the correspondences between these two worlds. The generous spaces and various rooms of the Musée Bourdelle lend themselves particularly well to these aesthetic and intellectual exchanges.


Close to Montparnasse and not far from the Platine Hotel, the Musée Bourdelle is hosting an exciting exhibition dedicated to Philippe Cognée until July 16th. Dialogue, encounters, appropriation and creation are at the heart of the artist's questioning... 


Musée Bourdelle

Photo: Andine


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