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Immerse yourself in the world of Charles Ray

Categories : Exhibitions and Museums, published on : 2/7/22

In Paris, contemporary art is in the spotlight all year round. In addition to the experiences provided by the FIAC and the Art Paris Art Fair, various places in the capital are specially dedicated to this aspect of culture, such as the Fondation Louis Vuitton, the Bourse du Commerce, and especially the Centre Pompidou. From February 16th, 2022, your Platine Hotel team recommends that you check out a highly anticipated exhibition at the Pompidou, dedicated to the sculptor Charles Ray.


Charles Ray, enigmas of perception

A leading light in contemporary art, Charles Ray continues to prompt us to reflect on the meaning of sculpture and artistic representation in general. A true link between classical and even archaic sculpture and contemporary creation, he plays with our preconceived notions and perceptions. Immersed from a very early age in the world of art, he bases his artistic creation and vision on sculpture through the ages, with work that is full of meaning.


A journey and a dialogue

The exhibition at the Centre Pompidou aims for a dialogue between the sculptor and the museum, and between the sculptor and the visitor. Questions, surprises, and complexity arise from encounters with these challenging works. You are invited to walk among some fifty sculptures which reflect the development of Charles Ray's thought, and which create a landscape in which the visitor naturally finds his place. The body, like the mind, thus becomes engaged in another stimulating dialogue. There is no doubt that this unique exhibition will immerse you in the world of a complex and enigmatic artist, a key figure in contemporary art.

Charles Ray is one of the major creators in contemporary art but he lets his work do the talking. A visit to the Centre Pompidou exhibition during your stay at the Platine Hotel will bring you an exhilarating encounter with a creator’s mind. You can see even more of Charles Ray’s work at the Bourse du Commerce Pinault on the same dates.



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