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Great new ideas at the Paris Fair

Categories : Fairs and Trade Shows, published on : 4/15/18

Each year, the end of April is marked by France's largest national fair. It’s an event that brings inventors and designers together around the themes of home, well-being and leisure: the Paris Fair –  an inimitable institution since 1904 !


Foire de Paris


Dozens of exhibits at the Paris Fair

Looking for a new type of electric bike? Greener roofing? Need a blacksmith or a wine producer? All these and more can be found at the Foire de Paris. Discover individual sectors, speak during meetings and discussions, participate in events – the exhibitors are keen to exchange ideas and they also have the chance to present their latest products. Inventors are also present; the Fair hosts the famous Lépine contest which rewards the most ingenious invention. Stroll, taste, test, observe, listen. The Paris Fair invites you to discover up to the minute trends in lifestyle and leisure.


Foire de Paris


The practical side of the Paris Fair

Whether you are very methodical and know in advance the stands that you want to browse, or whether you prefer to let your feet take you where they will, the Platine Hotel can give you all the practical information you need for a visit to the Fair. The event takes place from April 27th to May 8th at Porte de Versailles which is just a few metro stops from the hotel. It's open each day between 10.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.m. However, if you've already planned your days, why not visit at night? The Fair remains open until 10.00 p.m. on Saturday May 5th.  You'll also find on-site catering that allows you to sample local products as well as dishes from around the world.

House, leisure, well-being, beauty, gastronomy, everyone can find something of interest at the Paris Fair. Discover or rediscover the warm, casual atmosphere where the bravado of the sellers is the perfect complement to the ingenuity of the new inventors.