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Divine Marilyn exhibition; the essence of glamour

Categories : Exhibitions and Museums, published on : 9/5/19

The Platine Hotel owes its inspiration to her! Despite the passing years and generations, Marilyn Monroe remains the absolute icon of femininity and glamour and the 200 shots taken by three of the greatest American photographers of the time, currently exhibited in the Marais, most assuredly confirm her status.


Divine Marilyn; the birth of a legend

The Galerie Joseph had a great success in presenting images of Steve McQueen and Johnny Hallyday in two original exhibitions. The cutting-edge gallery follows up these two hugely popular exhibitions with another in a similar vein that shines a spotlight on the enigmatic life of the ‘blonde bombshell’ actress, model and singer, the legendary Marilyn Monroe. In an 850 m² display area, some 200 photos by Sam Shaw, Milton Green and Bert Stern retrace the evolution of the woman who began as the pin-up Norma Jean Baker but ended up as the icon Marilyn. Sam Shaw captured her private side during the early days of her marriage to Arthur Miller. Sunny, smiling, she appears fresh, unconcerned, happy.


Must-see photos

Another part of the exhibition displays photos by Milton Green, depicting the star at different moments of her career. Some have become embedded in our collective consciousness, like those showing her dressed as a ballerina or those taken on the set of The Seven Year Itch, when the air vent lifts her dress. Finally, we see the works of Bert Stern, taken during what would turn out to be Marilyn’s final photoshoot, just weeks before she died. Here we see a woman at her most comfortable and uninhibited, her personality shining through during the intimate session.

At the Platine Hotel, we have of course fallen under the spell of this exhibition devoted to an idol, an icon. We highly recommend it! Until September 22nd, in the heart of the Marais...



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