Easter in Paris at the Platine Hotel and Egg Hunts

Easter in Paris at the Platine Hotel promises to be so much fun, with the egg hunts we have planned. This extra special event begins on Sunday 20th April and continues until Monday 21st April, from 7am to 11am. We’re inviting guests to enjoy the fun and non-residents are also welcome. The egg hunt admission fee is 15 Euros per person. Our Platine Hotel is situated centrally, close to popular tourist sites, such as the Eiffel Tower.

Easter eggs - wikimedia CC

Easter eggs  – wikimedia CC

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The Roland Garros Tournament: the festivities begin

One of the world’s major sporting events, the Roland Garros tournament, will begin on May 25th. Commonly called the French Open, the competition this year celebrates its 113rd anniversary. This is an opportunity for you to admire the feats of athleticism and endurance performed by the leading international players. Who, if anyone, will dethrone the current champions Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams? That question will be answered on June 8th, the last of the tournament, a day of high drama and intense action, following which you can relax at the Platine Hotel.

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Trendy restaurant in Paris 15th channels cool 50′s style

Trendy restaurant in Paris 15th is the perfect way to treat yourself and family or friends to a terrific meal in a gorgeous atmosphere. The Bermuda Onion restaurant is on the top floor of the stylish Beaugrenelle centre and just a short walk from the Platine Hotel.

Trendy restaurant in Paris 15th - Foie gras (fat liver) and jelly - Wikimedia - CeCILL license

Foie gras (fat liver) and jelly – Wikimedia commons

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The Best Chocolate Shops in Paris for Delectable Treats

The best chocolate shops in Paris can be found all over the city, like Alain Ducasse. This notable chocolate manufacturer, recently opened up a shop, to the delight of many self-confessed chocoholics and although this piece of chocolate heaven isn’t close to the Platine Hotel, located in the 15th arrondissement, we have a variety of confectionery stores near us, like Monsieur Chocolat, Pierre Herme and Sada Haruaoki .

The best chocolate shops in Paris-Vice Versa Hotel

Copyright: Chocolate-Paris Tourist Office-Amélie Dupont

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New Luxury Store in Paris Louvre has arrived

New luxury store in Paris Louvre has opened, selling the finest in quality items. Its name is “Le Printemps du Louvre” (the Spring of Louvre) and it’s the first new addition to open in the Printemps, since 32 years. The store, situated in the international cultural hotspot, the Carrousel du Louvre, is a shopper’s paradise. Here you’ll find exclusive leather goods, exotic fragrances, quality beauty products and uniquely designed watches and jewellery. The Printemps is close in location to the Platine Hoteland we, of course, are extremely excited about this wonderful store

New luxury store in Paris-Platine Hotel

Copyright: “Pandora” by Gao-Printemps

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